What does it take to host a GCDC competition...

All events must be known before the last day of March in the year of the event. (so March 31st, 23:59, as of April 1st  00:00 the application for the event will be denied) Also applications for the Continental- or World Championships will need to be in before that same moment. For 2019, 2020 and 2021 the hosts of the ECC are already known in order to give them enough time to prepare everything for a fantastic event. If possible, it would be great to have most dates by the end of 2018 so people can book their holidays in function of the events that are offered.


The last event that will count for the World Championship will be the ECC in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The intention is not only to proclaim the European Champions, but also the World Champions at this event. If you have the intention to host an event after this date, feel free, it will count for the ranking of the year following the actual year the competition is played in.


Host have to give up a part of their revenues in order to cover the overhead costs to run this series. Also for this year, we are asking for 1 € / 1 $ or equivalent in local currency, per team that is mentioned on the result page (also scratched teams).


An event page for each event has to be created on Facebook. This will be linked to  the website and promoted on the Facebook page of the GCDC.


The host can make any selection of the optional parts, according to his time frame and budget. So there are two calls to make, which events do we offer (Fetch It and/or Fetch It Far and/or Fetch It In Style). Each of them is an entity in itself so can be hosted without the other events. The second one are the categories. The diagram in the structure page is pretty clear on that. If there is a division, obliged or optional, which does not reach  registrations, the host can choose if he will run this division as explained in the paragraph below. Registrations are closed two weeks prior to the event in order to prepare the admin and speed up the registration on the day of the event.


The basic point of view has switched from the available number of days to the amount of registrations for a division.

If there are less than 5 registrations for a certain division in any of the events, the division will not be played and no awards need to be prepared.  From 5-10 regfistrations, a host is not obliged to organize the division, but if he does, awards must be prepared for the number of registered teams. Above 10 registrations, a division will be guaranteed by the host to also take place and awards are prepared for the first 3 places. 

In the event that one of the divisions is cancelled due to the number of registrations (less than 5 registrations), the teams that did register will receive 15 points for the general ranking as a token of appreciation for their registration. 


The host is responsible for the awards for the winner of all competitions, the host can provide more awards, but is not required to. As most hosts already prefer to have their own trophies, who are we to argue with that.


We  provide you with all needed documents, both online and offline and we offer our full support before, during and after your event. We are working on a host manual, which will be made available as soon as possible on this page. It will provide you with a complete screenplay from request to awards ceremony and beyond. That's why it takes some time to create the manual.


Also, our main sponsor K9-DISC will assure there is a C-Model SBD discs available for everyone handler in the event (custom made upon request). Therefor discs of any of the other brands are not allowed in the goodie bag, distributed at the registration as a token of respect towards the sponsor. Discs will be sent at our cost to the host or will be brought to the event, whatever is the easiest and most cost effective


And what about judges?

For any event (1 day or 2), the host has to invite at least 1 head-judge and minimum 1  certified judge or 3 certified judges depending on  the events that are hosted. For a Continental Championships at least 2 head-judges and 2 registered judges and for the World Championships all 4  judges need to be head-judges (or Aprentice Head-Judges). The expenses of these judges should be compensated by the host. Once all judges are trained, a host should be able to find all types and enough variation in judges in their own country (or even region) so those expenses will be reduced to a strict minimum.


Judges can never compete in an event or division they judge and must have a qualified replacement if they request to play a certain event.


If the registrations exceeds 50 teams for a one-day competition, or 90 teams for a two day event (and thus 2 fields need to be used simultaniously for the distance events), it is advised that none of the judges compete. This is always discussed with all affected in the two weeks between the closure of the registration, and the start of the event.


Please find a list here with the current approved judges, more will follow as we continue to train judges...

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