Fetch It Furry Fast

Ending with a game called 'Fetch It Furry Fast'...

Rules :


Both handler and dog must be behind the startline before time can start


A 3-2-1-Go/Start - cue will be given, nothing can cross the line (dog, disc, handler) before the time has started. 2 false starts by the same team will result in a disqualification


A catch can be defined when the disc is caught between the closed jaws of the dog. As long as the mouth is not fully closed, the disc can escape from the oral cavity, making the catch unvalid. Even if the disc has been in the mouth, but not long enough for the jaws to fully close, the catch is not valid. Only a disc that maintains at a least a second between fully closed jaws can be considered a valid catch.


Only caught disc where the dog has completely crossed the 20m line will be marked as a valid catch.


To have a valid round, each team needs to make 2 catches as described above


Time is stopped when the dog, the disc and the human part of the team are completely behind the starting line, obviously after the second valid catch. It doesn't matter if the dog or the human has the disc, as long as it crosses the line


If nature calls to loud during a round, the round continues and the results of the call will be cleaned up by the handler (or representative for the handler) immediately after the round


Maximum time to complete the 2 catches is 1 minute


If a disc or a dog (or both) should end up at the side of the division in the middle of the fields which they were not assigned to, and this would cause a disruption in the round of the second competitor, that team will be disqualified and loses the round


Teams can chose the side they want to throw from in the first round. In the second round, the throwing line will be determined by the judges.




First round is a timed round where only time is to be beaten. The best 16 teams in each Division will continue to the 1/8th Finals (or last 16, whatever you prefer)


The next 5 rounds will be a sudden death battle between two teams simultaniously. The schedule is pretty clear on the position of the 16 participating teams. The fastest team in the battle continues, the slowest is out of the competition


The last two rounds are the "small finals" for place 3 and 4 and the 'big finals" to determine the winner and the runner up.

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