General Rules

Just so you all behave, a little, maybe, sometimes, for a change...

General rules


All teams of all continents can compete, regardless of their home nation and not bound by geographical boundaries. For the Continental Championships, anyone can compete for the points, but only people from that continent can win the title of Continental Champion


Female dogs in that period of the year are allowed to compete. They will have their share of the fun after all other dogs have played at the end of the round. We do ask that the owner has enough common sense to not let the dog mark the field before, during or after the competition


If a competitor decides that it is no longer safe to continue playing, he or she can request to scratch. This implies that all obtained points will be discarded and the results will not show in the final results. If the team wants to skip a round and continue in the next round, the head-judge needs to be informed before the team has left the field. In this occasion the score up to that moment in the round, as well as any points in the eventual following rounds, will be granted and the team will appear in the results


Incidents where canine aggression is whitnessed, will be investigated by the head judge, in cooperation with the other judges, the two envolved parties and the host. After a profound examination of the surcomstances, a decision will be taken. This can go from "no action required" (for example in a situation where you have a single incident caused by circumstances where both parties are not at fault), over a "verbal warning" to "exclusion from that competition" (for example if there is repetition of the behaviour at the same day) to a maximum of exclusion for the rest of the season. (This gives the handler enough time to mend the issue... )


Official competition language for events with international competitors is English. Only if ALL competitors are local, the local language can be used


Competitors code of conduct


No aggression at all, not verbal, not physical, not any other! If we catch you on either one of those, even within your own team… you’re out!


Leave the place as you have found it


Show respect


No injured dogs will be registered for any of the competitions, the advised break after surgical procedures is 4 weeks at least. As there is no way to check this (unless all dogs are submitted to x-ray, interpreted by an orthopaedic specialist, prior to the competition which is practically impossible) we count on the common sense of the handler. If problems are observed during the competition, the judging team or the host can report this to the head judge who will take the necessary action


Dogs that are not owned by the handler at the moment of registration, can be asked to show a written permission of the owner as mentioned on the passport (if available)


Registration fees will apply for all events, except for the World Championships where no registration fee will be requested of the qualified teams. For teams that haven’t registered up front but still want to compete or change their registration as to the name of handlers, dogs and events can be asked to pay a 4 $ / 2 € or equivalent in the local currency administrative surcharge


For “Fetch It In Style” the maximum registration fee allowed is 20.00 $ / 15.00  € or an equivalent in the local currency


For “Fetch It” the maximum registration fee allowed is 15.00 $ / 12.50 € or an equivalent in the local currency


For “Fetch It Far” the maximum registration fee allowed is 12.50 $ / 10.00 € or an equivalent in the local currency


For "Fetch It Furry Fast" the maximum registration fee allowed is 12.50 $ / 10.00 € or an equivalent in the local currency


For “Combo” there is no extra charge and every team that participates in both “Fetch It In Style” and “Fetch It” will receive a score and ranking in combined


If there are less than 5 registrations for a certain division in any of the events, the division will not be played.  From 5-10 regfistrations, a host is not obliged to organize the division, however he is free to do so. Above 10 registrations, a division will be guaranteed to take place. 

In the event that one of the divisions is cancelled due to the number of registrations (less than 5 registrations), the teams that did register will receive 15 points for the general ranking as a token of appreciation for their registration. 


Judges are required to perform their function according a certain deontology. As we are all adults, there is no need for a fixed set of rules. However, the proper conduct should be known and respected


Head judges are not required to give free seminars, but their assistance in spreading the sport, the format and its rules is always appreciated. We would like them to volunteer to give a 2 hour seminar on the rules in the first few years of the format. This seminar will take place, preferably, on Friday afternoon before any of the competitions start


Obviously also one of the tasks of the Head judge is to go over the rules at the handlers meeting before every competition and reply to whatever competition related questions are asked


A list of stating all qualified  head-judges and judges in each country can be found here. This list is updated during the season as more judges will be trained.


All judges will work on a voluntary base, however their expenses for travel, food, drinks and lodging should be covered by the host of the event. The host is free to select any of the recognized judges for his event


The head-judge will do all communication to the teams on which comments were made about the routine


If conditions (weather or other) force the host and/or the head-judge to make a cut, they can do so based on the timeframe left in the day and the best possible weather prognosis. We do urge all hosts to end the competition in daylight to allow all competitors to compete in as equal conditions as possible. The minimum a division can be cut to is top 10


In case of heavy rain, standing water or conditions making it unsafe to play or compose a risk for the canines according to the head judge of the event, the competition will be cancelled or postponed if possible. This call is not made lightly and with valid argumentation and in accordance with the host and the competitors


A maximum of 4 dogs per handler can qualify for the World Championship in one event. This means 4 for “Fetch It In Style”, 4 for “Fetch It” and 4 for “Fetch It Far”


All dog-safe discs, of any of the established manufacturers are allowed in competition, regardless of their brand or colour.  Every disc used has to be in a good state without holes or cracks in the rim, if one of the judges detects a disc that is no longer safe for the dog to catch, he is allowed to discard this disc for further play


We thank you in advance...

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