The last update of this year is a fact, and against the odds, the things that need to be said are so numerous, that they will be presented to you in short paragraphs for a change. Feel free to visit one of the events in the next season to get more explainations...


Let's start at the end, the end of the competition year, meaning the World Champions are known for this year, check out the ranking page to find out where you both (or 3) ended. Obviously we also congratulate the World Champions and all other teams as well. World Champions will receive their award(s) at the first GCDC they attend to... so hope to see you soon...





Also very important is a heartfelt THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the teams, volunteers, judges, crews, sponsors and everyone involved in any or another way, again THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

In this regards I want to take the ink to give a virtual flower to Friederieke, Christine, Björn, André and their team as well as Yves, Katrien, Hermine and Roger for their special support last year!!!


For the first time, we have given out our special GOAT-award to Thomas Sander. These Greatest Of All Times-Awards are given to people who have made a special effort to get the GCDC where it is today. Thank you very much Thomas, for your enthusiasm!!!



























We promised change... changes there will be... again... hopefully after these two years of testing and trying, we think to have found the best solution. However, if we were wrong, we will correct it again and obviously all your feedback to improve the GCDC remains more than welcome!!!


If you scroll through the website (aka RTFW), you will find all changes in detail, a couple of them, you'll find here:


  • Going back to 4 judges to keep it affordable for hosts, we switched and changed some of the criteria for the judging in the FIIS.
  • Devaluation of vaults and flips in FIIS for Golden Oldies
  • Addition of FI Golden Oldies with special concept (thanks to Jos van Veen for the insight)
  • Experts will become experts after this year at the end of the year to not compromise the points they have gathered thusfar
  • In FIF we canceled the 2-disc-throw as no one used it in two years. Also the best average was discontinued and the real purpose of the event is recognized... throwing as far as possible.
  • Dead-disc-rule in FIF first round + change disc when the used disc is behind the line
  • Divisions will only be hosted as of 5 registrations, in between 5 and 10 registrations, it's up to the host but likely to happen, as of 10+ it's sure
  • Registrations will be closing two weeks prior to the event to inform you about this, so please register in time!!!
  • A new part of the website will be dedicated to training new judges, if interested, find out more soon... it's free and it doesn't hurt!!!


As usual, the new things are marked in orange, the important parts in yellow and what's left of the basics will show in white... just so you know what to look for.


If you would like to get your piece of the action in 2019... or host a GCDC yourself...

Group GCDC Opening Cup Brugelettte

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Group ECC Herk De Stad

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Podium FIF WO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Podium FIF MO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Event flyer F-Cup

Sandra and Patches

Longest Throw Women ECC 2018 Halle

Picture by Carsten Fuss

Podium Combo Expert ECC 2018 Halle

Picture by Carsten Fuss

Podium FI Team ECC 2018 Halle

Picture by Carsten Fuss

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