The last update of the website is a very drastic one. As most of you already know, GCDC will be completely integrated in the KMARCh, and will continue (with the classic changes, we keep learning), as the KMARCh PRO Series next season. So the new website, which will be ready by the end of november, and the new place to be for all information is www.kmarch.org. We already cleaned up all redundant information so navigating is now a piece of cake.


Since the last competition is in the books, the World Champions are known for this year, check out the ranking page to find out where you both (or 3) ended. Obviously we congratulate the World Champions and all other teams as well. World Champions will receive their award(s) at the first KMARCh PRO Series they attend to... so hope to see you soon...





Also very important is a heartfelt THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the teams, volunteers, judges, crews, sponsors and everyone involved in any or another way, again THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

In this regards I want to take the ink to give a virtual flower to Daan, Talita, Christa, Evangelos, Giusa, Irina as well as Yves, Katrien, Hermine and Roger for their special support last years!!!


For the second time, we have given out our special GOAT-award to Daan Krieken for his relentless efforts to promote the sport. These Greatest Of All Times-Awards are given to people who have made a special contribution to the sport. Thank you very much Daan, for everything !!!

Party is over on this location, new location loading... :-)

Thankz to all of you for the years of support and fantastic memories. 

Podium FI Team ECC 2018 Halle

Picture by Carsten Fuss

Podium Combo Expert ECC 2018 Halle

Picture by Carsten Fuss

Group GCDC Opening Cup Brugelettte

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Group ECC Herk De Stad

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Podium FIF WO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Podium FIF MO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Event flyer F-Cup

Sandra and Patches

Longest Throw Women ECC 2018 Halle

Picture by Carsten Fuss

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